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Lighthouse advises Causeway on its acquisition of Reference Point

Updated: Jan 6

Lighthouse Advisory Partners is proud to announce its role as a strategic advisor to Causeway Technologies in their acquisition of Reference Point. This marks the second occasion in which Lighthouse has provided advisory services to Causeway for a strategic acquisition. Our team of seasoned experts provided invaluable M&A support, rigorous commercial due diligence, and customer referencing to ensure the success of this landmark transaction.

Lighthouse advises Causeway
Lighthouse advises Causeway

With decades of collective experience in the technology M&A field, Lighthouse Advisory Partners understands the complex and multifaceted nature of such transactions. We have been honoured to partner with Causeway Technologies throughout the entire acquisition process, from the initial strategic planning phase to the integration of the two companies.

Our team conducted a comprehensive commercial due diligence process that examined Reference Point's financials, customer base, market positioning, and operational structure to identify any potential risks and liabilities. This provided critical insights to Causeway Technologies, helping them make informed decisions throughout the acquisition process.

Lighthouse Advisory Partners also provided essential customer referencing services, delving deep into Reference Point's customer base. This information was then used to help Causeway Technologies develop a comprehensive integration plan to ensure that the newly merged company was set up for long-term success.

Lighthouse Advisory Partners is delighted to have played a role in the acquisition of Reference Point by Causeway Technologies. Our extensive experience in M&A, commercial due diligence, and customer referencing helped facilitate a seamless and successful transaction.

This deal represents another successful transaction for Lighthouse Advisory Partners in the construction technology sector.


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