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M&A Services

Leaders in technology mergers and acquisitions


Leaders in technology M&A

We’ve been where you are, and we’ve felt the impacts of bad advice. At Lighthouse, we aim to be different and offer M&A advisory services based upon real-world experience. We use our insight, experience, and extensive connections to prepare thoroughly, to identify the right buyers for your business, and to emphasise opportunity, technology, and talent with a streamlined process to create successful business sales. 


For most entrepreneurs, selling a business is often a once in a lifetime opportunity. On that basis, we believe that life is too short for bad advice. 


The M&A market is tough and finding the right advisor to work with can be a challenge. At Lighthouse, we’ve made the process as smooth for our clients as possible, working alongside you to provide exceptional advisory services while you’re going through the sale or merger process. 



Core M&A Services


Exit Planning

Our exit planning process is designed to help you create compelling value for your company.


Business Sales

We are entirely focused on technology M&A transactions.

Businesses don’t sell themselves. We help you do it better.


Unsolicited Offers

Lighthouse helps business owners to understand and manage unsolicited offers to acquire their company in a confidential, professional, and ethical manner.

We achieve value the competition can’t

The Lighthouse team has worked on tech sector M&A deals with a cumulative value of several billion, including some of the largest software investments in the UK. This experience has helped us to fine-tune our M&A process - to differentiate from other advisors, and to create value for our clients.

Strategic Deals

We have a global reach, and we regularly manage cross-border M&A transactions. Everything we do begins with applying a strategic focus to create the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our reputation is important to us and, therefore, we will only target buyers who have a clear and demonstrable fit with the seller’s company for every engagement.

Value Focused

We are entirely focused on technology M&A transactions, and we will use our deep domain knowledge to negotiate the best possible terms to maximise your business valuation.

Well Networked

We are well connected to an extensive network of technology buyers. This helps us to connect our clients with the right buyers.

Our network consists of thousands of companies (including big tech companies) that we’ve engaged with in past years, and continues to grow.

We add new companies to our network on a daily basis, and we can help to match your business with the right buyers quickly and efficiently. 

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Success in selling your business

Lighthouse was founded by a team of technology executives with extensive experience in large technology firms and consulting. We saw that many tech sector companies do not receive the right advice or insight to achieve the goals of their business sale. Far too often, M&A advisory firms run an unsophisticated, ‘one-size-fits-all’ process that focuses on ‘getting their fee’ and not on maximising the outcome for the seller.

Deals we advised on

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