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Lighthouse Advisory Market Research

 The Impact of Authority-to-Work Solutions in the Construction Industry​


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The Report

The report explores the crucial role authority-to-work management software plays in modernising and revolutionising construction operations.


Infrastructure maintenance and construction projects are often characterised by highly fragmented supply chains, growing complexity and a backdrop of tight timelines and a demanding regulatory landscape. The needfor innovative solutions is paramount. The report highlights how authority-to-work management solutions are meeting this need by offering a revolutionary passport framework for managing training and competence. This ensures that every task on site is carried out by personnel who are not only qualified but also in full compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.


The report is essential reading for anyone involved in the construction sector looking to harness the benefits of digital transformation to address current challenges and future opportunities. It offers not just insights but practical strategies for adopting authority-to-work management solutions to achieve greater efficiency, safety, and compliance.

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