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Lighthouse Advisory buy-side Acquisition

Buy a company

Acquire businesses with confidence and expertise.

Lighthouse Advisory Buy a company

Unlock growth opportunities with expert buy-side M&A services.

Our team of skilled experts at Lighthouse specialises in buy-side mergers and acquisitions. We offer comprehensive services, including project management, target identification, commercial due diligence, and customer referencing. Let us guide you through the acquisition process and help you unlock new growth opportunities for your business.

Strategic M&A target identification

At Lighthouse, we specialise in identifying and securing the most synergistic M&A targets for our clients. Our approach begins with gaining an understanding of your strategic objectives and market dynamics. We dive deep into the numbers, tap into our broad network, and draw on market know-how to identify target companies that are just the right fit.


Our team meticulously evaluates each opportunity, focusing on cultural fit, financial health, and long-term value creation, ensuring alignment with your vision. With Lighthouse, you gain a partner adept at navigating the complexities of M&A to achieve your growth aspirations.

Lighthouse Advisory Buy Side Acquisitions
Lighthouse Advisory Commercial Diligence

Make confident acquisition decisions with trusted
commercial due diligence.

Acquiring a business is a significant investment, and you need to make informed decisions. Our commercial due diligence (CDD) provides you with comprehensive insights and analysis, so you can confidently assess the potential of an acquisition. Trust our expert team to conduct thorough due diligence and guide you towards successful M&A opportunities.

Make informed decisions with customer referencing.

Don't take risks when it comes to acquisitions. With our customer referencing service, you can gain valuable insights and validate the products or services of your target company. Make informed decisions based on real feedback from their customers and ensure a successful acquisition.

Lighthouse Advisory Net Promoter Score
Lighthouse Advisory - Deal Execution

Seamless acquisition project management

Confidently navigate every phase of your acquisition journey. Lighthouse offers comprehensive project management from the initial approach to deal completion. Starting with strategic outreach and ensuring alignment of interests, the Lighthouse team then negotiates terms. 


Throughout the due diligence process, we maintain oversight of the different workstreams, addressing potential risks and opportunities. As we move towards closing, our focused coordination ensures seamless integration and value realisation. 

Integration Planning
Crafting a Unified Path for Post-Acquisition Success

We are on hand to ensure the success of your acquisition extends beyond the deal's closure. Lighthouse excels in integration planning, a crucial phase where many mergers realise their true value.


We assist in harmonising cultures, aligning operational systems, and realising synergies, all tailored to your strategic goals.


Our experienced team provides expert guidance in streamlining processes, mitigating risks, and facilitating effective communication across merged entities. 

Lighthouse Advisory Acquisition Integration
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