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Acquire businesses with confidence and expertise.

Unlock growth opportunities with expert buy-side M&A services.

Our team of skilled experts at Lighthouse specialises in buy-side mergers and acquisitions. We offer comprehensive services, including project management, target identification, commercial due diligence, and customer referencing. Let us guide you through the acquisition process and help you unlock new growth opportunities for your business.

Unlock growth opportunities with expert buy-side M&A services.

Don't let the complexities of mergers and acquisitions slow you down. Our experienced team at Lighthouse will handle every step of the process, from target identification to deal completion. Our comprehensive project management services al streamline your acquisition process and focus on growing your business.


Make confident acquisition decisions with trusted
commercial due diligence.

Acquiring a business is a significant investment, and you need to make informed decisions. Our commercial due diligence (CDD) provides you with comprehensive insights and analysis, so you can confidently assess the potential of an acquisition. Trust our expert team to conduct thorough due diligence and guide you towards successful M&A opportunities.

Make informed decisions with customer referencing.

Don't take risks when it comes to acquisitions. With our customer referencing service, you can gain valuable insights and validate the products or services of your target company. Make informed decisions based on real feedback from their customers and ensure a successful acquisition.

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