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Maximise your business growth & value

Helping businesses to realise their maximum growth potential and value.

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In a nutshell, we know what it takes to:

1. X-Ray your business

Lighthouse commercial due diligence services provide you with an X-Ray of your business. We help you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the target company, the key drivers of value, organisational development needs and priorities. 

2. Maximise your value

Even the most successful businesses need support to maximise their value. We provide strategy advisory services to tech companies, from facilitating business planning, to leading the creation of actionable, measurable business strategies. We help our clients to grow and maximise their value by creating long-term strategic goals, targeting unique drivers that help firms to outperform peers while maximising value generation.

3. Sell your business

Lighthouse helps technology companies to sell for the best valuation. We provide the necessary support to ensure that your company is positioned favourably with both strategic and financial buyers, and our well-established network enables us to reach a targeted buyer group. 



Accelerate your business growth & maximise your value

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Growth Strategy

Lighthouse Advisory Partners is a growth strategy consulting firm that specialises in advising technology businesses. We differentiate ourselves by being able to quickly identify the unique value drivers of a business - those elements that help a business to outperform its competitors and maximise shareholder returns. 

We offer experience, expertise, and a new perspective on how to drive growth; through acquisition of new customers, revenue diversification and enhanced go-to-market strategies. Our team has a deep industry knowledge of working with enterprise software companies of all sizes, and we drive growth through strategic initiatives. 


M&A Advisory Services

We are leaders in technology M&A. We provide mergers and acquisition expertise to technology businesses and investors, helping our clients to maximise value creation while navigating the ever-changing landscape of M&A. 


Commercial Due Diligence

We’ll help you to get the full picture. Our commercial due diligence approach is the equivalent of a business X-Ray.


We'll provide you with a comprehensive view of a company’s financial health, markets, solutions, operations, sales processes, customers and key risks.

About Lighthouse

Advisory services help you grow and increase your company value

Lighthouse Advisory Partners is a growth strategy and M&A advisory firm that helps businesses to maximise their value. We provide a roadmap to success by creating strategies for sustainable growth through innovation, mergers and acquisitions and commercial strategy to grow company revenue. With over 40 years of experience in providing strategic advice, our team has worked with clients around the globe to help them achieve their business goals. 


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